Level5 Welded Joint Knife 3-Pack (3 pack)


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A joint knife (or “putty knife”) can be found in the back pocket of most drywall finishers.

These versatile tools are used for setting & cutting drywall tape, applying joint compound & other filler materials, cleaning up drywall edges, scraping paint & residue, resetting exposed screws, and much more…

LEVEL5 offers the highest quality one-piece welded knives in the industry. 17 assembly steps and nine hand polishing steps are required to make each knife and a patent pending, full tang design with 3 internal points of control provides outstanding durability. Other features include a curved design where the handle meets the blade to enhance rigidity for a perfect mid-blade flex, and all robotically-welded seams have been mirror polished until undetectable.

These knives are lightweight, extremely comfortable in the hand, and clean up like a dream.

Premium stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
Full-tang blade goes beyond the hang hole into the handle.
Robotically welded at three points of contact for strength and durability.
Unique, hollow grind at mid-blade ensures optimal mid-blade flex.
Blade feels nicely 'broken in' the first time you use it.
LEVEL5 Lifetime Warranty.

THE PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE | LEVEL5 one-piece stainless steel joint compound knives feature a patent-pending, full length internal tang that has been robotically welded at four points of contact for extreme durability.
A PRECISION BLADE | Features a hollow-grind provides proper flex point midway up the stainless steel blade (versus near the handle).
LIFETIME GUARANTEE | LEVEL5 Tools backs all of its tools with industry-leading warranties. These one-piece stainless steel putty knives are guaranteed against defects in workmanship for as long as you own them.
UNBEATABLE SUPPORT | Our job is to ensure you are operating as efficiently as possible with your LEVEL5 tools If you need any assistance, parts or tool maintenance, our service center is located in Kansas and we're just a call away.
TOOLSET BONUS | This set includes a 5 pack of heat shrink grips ($5.99 value)

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