Schumacher Electric 10A 12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

Schumacher Electric

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Automatic battery charger & maintainer for most charging applications
Meeting the highest industry energy efficiency standards, the SC1339, a 10-amp, 12-volt battery charger, is perfect for most charging applications. Its fully automatic and multi-stage charging is microprocessor-controlled, adjusting the amperage rate to better maintain the battery.

For added convenience and accuracy, LED indicators with a start/stop button interface allow users better control over the charging experience. In addition, this product is equipped with reverse hook-up protection, meaning the battery charger will not operate and a light will flash if the clamps are reversed. The SC1339 is also built with a classic transformer and rugged, heavy-duty metal case for extra durability.

Additional features include:

Compatible with standard and AGM batteries
One-year warranty

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